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Your Lucky Day in the Ozarks!

The Thursday afternoon early session is "Superstitions and How to Use Them in Your Writing." Conference regular sessions begin on Friday the 13th. We'll have door prizes throughout the day to make sure it's your lucky day in the Ozarks!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Get the Most out of a Conference!

Our 50th Ozark Creative Writers Conference was a huge success. OCW is different because we don't have an organization that meets regularly and puts on a conference. We have a board of directors from all over the country who strive to put together a week-end that covers all the things a writer might benefit from. Let's get a conversation going about what you expect out of a conference. 

We know agents and editors are important and we often have more than one. We also know you love to hear successful writers talk about their work and how they became a success. In our latest board meeting we discussed doing more sessions on the craft of writing. What our board deeply wants to do is make each OCW conference something you can benefit from, whether it's a connection you might make that furthers your career, or a nugget of knowledge you might learn that makes your writing better. Let us know if there's something we're missing. Just comment here, or write to our blog e-mail

Now, let's get a conversation about writing going. Here's a problem I ran across when judging a couple of the contest categories this year. I judged the Bigfoot Lives Among Us contest. It specifically said "make me laugh," Yet, not many of the entries were funny. And a couple of them weren't really stories, but simply a straight forward narrative of a Bigfoot sighting. Almost like a very detailed news article. No characters, no dialogue, no action, just narrative. Granted, these entries could be fiction or non-fiction, but there still has to be some sort of storytelling style when the guidelines say story. With non-fiction that simply means to make it a creative non-fiction. Think about In Cold Blood, Capote was one of the first to tell a non-fiction story in the style of a fictional story. He actually called it a non-fiction novel. I prefer creative non-fiction, but they both mean the same.   

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